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Help – Reporting a Problem/Requesting Maintenance Service

Any one on campus with a netid can use FAMIS to report the following:

 Maintenance problems such as:  broken toilet seat, squealing from worn belt, leaky faucet, broken light sensor, ceiling tile replacement, hanging pictures or coat racks, ballast replacement
 Space Problems such as:  mis-numbered room, room or floor missing from a floor plan,
Changes in Departmental designee’s who use FAMIS such as:  space coordinator, fiscal office, facilities manager
 Capital Project requests:  Used to initiate new capital projects
 Utility request: Used exclusively by utility crew
Custodial Inspections: Used exclusively by custodial workers
Residential Service issues: Used to report problems in Residential areas that were historically serviced by Felix
Other requests: Used to report non-standard issues



Click the logo to report a problem or request a service

Login using your NetID & password


 Providing Contact information

If this is your first time ever accessing FAMIS you will be asked to provide some contact information.  Complete the form with your appropriate information and click the Submit button.  Fields marked with an (*) are required.  The Department button can be clicked to look up your department number if you do not know it.  Once this information is entered, this information will appear every time that you log into self-service, so you will not have to re-enter it every time you create a service request.


Field Name


Requestor  Last name, First name MI
Phone  (area code) XXX-XXXX
Cell Phone
 Department  Click this button if you do not know your department number
 Mail code  U-box #

Selecting a Site

Click on a site if you are going to enter several service requests for the same location at once.  Otherwise, click on “Service Requests”

Select the building in which the problem is occuring



Select the Floor number


Select the Room number


On the next screen verify all of the information you have entered

Click “Service Requests” to move to next screen


Click “Create Service Request”